Granite Communications & Security

Security Solution for Apartments & Multi-Tenant Properties

Unique Issues, Individual Solutions

Apartment complexes and multi-tenanted premises are some of the most difficult sites to secure. Each tenant needs to be able to access shared areas like hallways and car parks, and allow guests to do the same, without giving free access to anybody and everybody. Similarly, shared areas and access points need to have surveillance in place to ensure your residents and our property is kept as safe as possible. 

CCTV Systems

IP security cameras are very easy to install and set up, often without power tools or specialized equipment. These cameras will record constantly, giving both you and your residents the peace of mind of knowing that any access points and shared areas are being monitored against unwanted visitors, violence, vandalism, and other illegal activities.

The cameras we use are at the forefront of video technology – images and footage are recorded in high resolution, with no static or interruption. This means that if anything untoward does happen, you can clearly identify the perpetrators and pass the images along to law enforcement/insurance companies as required.

Global Access

Setting up a network video system using IP cameras also allows you to monitor the live feed and access recordings from your apartment security system, wherever you are in the world – letting you check that all is well with your property, whatever you’re up to.

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