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A high-quality surveillance system is one of the best and most cost-effective ways of bringing security to your premises and peace of mind to you and your tenants. Signage and physical cameras have proven time and again to be a deterrent to criminals – and in the event that something does happen – you have the footage to help catch the perpetrator.

Remote Monitoring

Our internet-optimized surveillance systems allow you to monitor live and recorded footage on your smartphone, tablet, or other assigned device – wherever you are in the world. Simply log in through the app, and you can cycle through your cameras in real-time or go back to analyze an incident.

Motion Detecting

Our cameras can be set up to record frame-by-frame images or a single, timed snapshot. You can also set your system up to react to movement in a specific, defined area and record in real-time. When we set up your system, we’ll show you how to change these settings and access different features, and we’ll always be on hand to give additional support if you need it.

Elevator Safety

If you’re operating a site with elevators, then installing cameras can be useful for both health and safety purposes (ensuring that people aren’t trapped or misusing the elevator) and for monitoring the elevator itself – checking that it is working as it should be and pre-empting expensive technical or mechanical issues.

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