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At Granite Communications and Security, we know that protecting your property, family, tenants, and staff is essential. We also know that it can seem daunting – you will need to coordinate cabling and networking companies with camera vendors and integrate with access systems, ensuring each work together as well as independently.

We are an all-in-one, one-stop shop for all your access control, surveillance, networking, and cabling needs. Our extensive experience working with multi-tenant properties, apartment complexes, small businesses, and single-family residences allows us to bring safety and security to every client – no matter how big or small.

Let Us Secure Your Property

Whether you want to prevent unauthorized people from gaining access, provide the security and peace of mind that comes with a state-of-the-art surveillance system, or to better manage and monitor your site, we have the solutions, expertise, and experience to make that possible.

Different locations require different security measures. Reach out to our consultants today, and we’ll discuss your unique concerns and issues before we create an end-to-end plan to bring security and control to your premises. Alternatively, we offer on-site security surveys to identify weak points and suggest customized and targeted solutions.

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Apartment and Safe Multi-Tenant Properties

We handle every aspect of access control, including card/fob access and management, mobile credentials, wireless locking and unlocking, and also biometric technology designed to identify key individuals and grant them the access they require. We can also handle gate access systems for your commercial or residential property

Access Control Systems

Controlling access to your site is the single best way to minimize the likelihood of break-ins, vandalism, and damage to your and your tenants’ property. Multi-tenanted properties are, by their nature, required to give access to multiple different people, and also need to have the facility to change access codes and information easily and quickly when people move out or if there is found to be a breach.

Data And Network Cabling

Data management and communications are the bedrocks of your business. GCS, we use optical fiber and category cable to design and install your communication infrastructure to help boost business productivity and give you the power you need.


A high-quality surveillance system is one of the best and most cost-effective ways of bringing security to your premises and peace of mind to you and your tenants. Signage and physical cameras have proven time and again to be a deterrent to criminals – and in the event that something does happen – you have the footage to help catch the perpetrator.

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Our mission is to bring communities together by creating safer environments and greater peace of mind!

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